The verdict can wait…I’ve got to catch a flight

As of this posting on Friday afternoon, it seems that the jury deciding the fate of the cops charged with raping the fashion executive in New York has not yet reached a verdict. Old school logic would say that this does not fare well for the prosecution.  Or it could be that they decided quickly on the top charges of rape and burglary and have been muddling through the lesser charges. Whatever the reason, it appears that the judge in the case has granted the jury’s request to to be released early so that a juror could catch a flight.

I guess that the fates of the accused and the victim can be put on hold on for a weekend trip. After all, it’s only people’s lives. I remember a Judge in Queens Criminal Court whose court I testified in on numerous occasions. He had a bit of a temper and wasn’t afraid to say exactly what was on his mind. His reply to this latest request would have been something to the effect of “are you fucking kidding me?” No kidding.


2 responses to “The verdict can wait…I’ve got to catch a flight

  1. Donna Cherwinski

    I would have loved that Judge. He had to catch a flight? I don’t like that it wasn’t decided quickly. I also don’t think this looks good for the Prosecution. I hope they don’t walk. I can’t see that happening, but you never know. Keep posting about this please Eddie. I’m interested in the case.

    • You’re right you never know. They have been out for 3 days but it’s only been about 11 hours of deliberations, according to the media. It looks like they have made up their minds about the rape and burglary charges early on. By the way the Judge was a pisser. One of my favorites. He loved cops and prosecutors, but detested defense attorneys. There was never any BS in his court.

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