Coffee and Donuts

Some of today’s headlines:
Gunman Kills Four in Long Island Pharmacy 

Another glaring and tragic example of “guns don’t kill, people kill.” It strikes me as a little peculiar that in the majority of crimes where multiple murders are committed, the weapon of choice is a handgun. Why is that? Could it be that it’s not that easy to stab or to club four people to death? Maybe we need to end the ‘War on Drugs’ and commence a ‘War on Guns’.
Woman pleads guilty to stashing stolen mink coat in her underwear for 3 days

Where do I begin with with this one? How could the police have missed that for three days? Was it a mink coat for a small person or dog? And who in the world would want to wear it after it spent 3 days in this woman’s underwear?

A follow up on an item in yesterday’s Coffee and Donuts segment

ATF acting director may resign over Fast and Furious program

Why is it that when the little guys f@#k up they get fired, but when it’s a higher-up they’re allowed to resign? Kenneth Melson, acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, should be fired along with his superiors who were aware of this boneheaded operation. He should not be allowed to ‘fall on the sword’ for his superiors, collect a pension and then earn another salary as a lobbyist for the firearms industry.

California’s death row: $4 billion, few executions
I wonder how many lashes Peter Moskos, author of “In Defense of Flogging”, would deem appropriate in cases of murder. Okay, I’m sure that in every case, murderers would chose flogging over spending twenty five to life in prison. Just food for thought when you consider the cost to taxpayers for housing inmates on Death Row. Similar to that old line I use to hear cops say when they were contemplating divorcing their wives, that “it was cheaper to keep her”. It seems that in the case of the death penalty, it certainly is.

2 responses to “Coffee and Donuts

  1. ” Could it be that it’s not that easy to stab or to club four people to death?”

    I think so. By that, it should not be inferred that I speak from experience. But it does seem harder – not only would it, presumably, be a tougher job, physically, to kill someone with knife or baseball bat, but also mentally. I am fairly sure that I could never kill someone by stabbing or otherwise attacking them personally. Shooting someone, however, is done from a distance, and seems so much less bloody and grisly. All one needs to do is pull a little trigger. Can be done, I imagine, in one flash of anger. For stabbing someone, you need sustained anger.

    Or, so I imagine.

  2. There’s already a “war on guns.” Criminals aren’t allowed to have them, and I’m guessing this mutt was a criminal long before he shot up the pharmacy. Gun laws (which are pretty strict on Long Island) do not stop criminals from acquiring and using guns. And they never will. How would a war on guns be any more effective than the war on drugs?

    It could also be argued that the current laws almost make Long Island a “gun free” zone. A nice low-risk place to commit a crime. I’m a little bit ambivalent about this view, because of the real-life defense skills of the public. However, one of the few things a violent criminal fears, is an armed victim. So I bring up the “deterrent” factor; it may have some validity.

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