Saturday Links – Coffee and Donuts

In Southern Mexico, a Neglected Frontier

Another waste of the taxpayers’ money in the ‘War on Drugs’. Two hundred million dollars that can be used for treatment and education programs here in America. I didn’t know that Central America participated in the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Murder Rate and Fear Rise in Puerto Rico

Just the fact that no sitting U.S. President had visited Puerto Rico in 50 years just goes to show you in what regard the US holds its ‘colony’ in the Caribbean. My brother just happened to on the island during Obama’s visit and tells me that the ‘Ricans’ are really pissed at him. Seems President Obama was there just long enough to collect campaign contributions and didn’t even have a plate of arroz and habichuelas (rice and beans for those of you who don’t habla espanol). I’m sure he had time enough for a cocktail or two with the pharmaceutical company honchos (companies which, by the way, don’t pay taxes in Puerto Rico). The timing of this story by the New York Times is suspect, considering Obama’s visit. The Times also fails to mention Puerto Rico’s unemployment rate of 16 1/2 per cent and its poverty rate of 45 per cent, both of which are prime indicators of why the crime rate is so high and why the narcotics trade flourishes. Maybe President Obama should send some of that 200 million dollars earmarked for fighting the failed ‘war on drugs’ in Central America to our ‘colony’ in the Caribbean. Viva Puerto Rico Libre!

Did New Orleans Media Contribute to Police Violence After Hurricane Katrina?

Could it be that the press dropped the ball on this one? Or were they okay with the police murdering alleged looters because they were black? By the rhetoric espoused by then Gov. Kathleen Brown and Warren Riley, it appears that it was open season on blacks in New Orleans shortly after Hurricane Katrina. I wonder if any of these reporters worked for Fox News. And why hasn’t this story been carried by the main stream media? “Extra, extra read all about it.” Let’s hope we do.


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