Ask A Cop: “Please call me at your earliest convenience”

In my ‘Question of the day cause I ain’t got shit to write about’, Elizabeth writes:

I would like to know what you would suggest doing if you ever find a detective’s business card with a note that says something to the effect of “please call me at your earliest convenience” in your mail box or shoved in your door.

Elizabeth, have you been a naughty girl? The answer is quite obvious, give them a call. There could be a host of reasons why the police are looking to speak with you. They could have simply been conducting a canvass of your block where a serious crime may have been committed. A canvass is a simple investigative tool that detectives use in hopes of locating a witness or an individual with some valuable information that may assist in the investigation. Or it could be that are trying to locate a missing person or a person of interest that you may know or may have known.

Whatever the reason, if it’s pressing that they speak with you in particular, they will be back. And you would really hate it if they knocked on your door during an inconvenient or inappropriate moment, or worse, showed up at your place of employment.

So if you’ve committed no crime, give them a call. If you have, well, call your lawyer. Hey, maybe they just think that you’re a hottie and want to ask you out on a date. Detectives have been known to do that now and then.


3 responses to “Ask A Cop: “Please call me at your earliest convenience”

  1. …and besides, won’t the curiosity eat you alive???

  2. Thank you so much for answering my question! It actually stemmed from a personal experience a few years ago. Even though every fiber of my former defense attorney self said not to, I did exactly as you suggested. I called, figuring they may just want to know if I’d seen anything suspicious in the area or something. Turned out the detective thought I may have been involved in a hit & run, which I absolutely had not. I told him (at least 5 times, over voicemail each time because he never answered his phone) I’d be happy to talk with him once he told me when & where the alleged hit & run took place. For three weeks after, he refused to tell me and demanded that I stop by the station so he can “inspect” my car and make sure there’s no damage to it.

  3. Those damn detectives can be very demanding at times. Surely your former defense attorney self did not stop by the station house. Just curious as to what the final outcome was.

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