Daily Archives: July 1, 2011

Credibility Issues?

Strauss-Kahn Faces Test in Hearing

The New York Times is reporting on the possibility that the DSK case may be going down in flames. It seems that credibility of the victim has come into question – credibility on issues that have nothing to with the victim’s allegations against DSK. It seems that on the date of the incident, the NYPD was so convinced that she was telling the truth that they raced to the airport to arrest DSK moments before his flight left for France. Trust me when I tell you that the NYPD conferred with District Attorneys office prior to arresting DSK and that the District Attorney’s office gave their approval. Also trust me when I tell you that if the authorities had any evidence of criminal activity against the victim she would have been arrested by now.
I can only conclude that lying on an application for asylum, associating with a man charged with possessing marijuana, and having a conversation about benefiting from the charges against DSK are solid proof for the District Attorney’s office that she must be lying about being sexually assaulted by DSK. It’s the same kind of logic that says that prostitutes can’t be the victims of rape. Mind you that this victim has no criminal record and that just a few weeks ago she was portrayed as a saintly victim. 
Maybe protocol in the District Attorney’s office has changed since I retired, but I thought it was the job of the defense attorneys, not prosecutors, to discredit witnesses against their clients. This isn’t the first time that the District Attorney’s office or the police had a case in which the victim or a witness had a questionable past. I’ve worked many a case in which the victim had a criminal record, yet the cases were vigorously investigated by the police and aggressively prosecuted by the District Attorney’s office. If I didn’t know better, which maybe I don’t, it appears as if the District  Attorney’s office is intentionally attempting to derail its own case. I can only wonder as to the reasons why.
Once again our judicial system is making a statement that a woman who is a victim of a sexual assault is held to a higher and sometimes very different standard than victims of other crimes. I can think of no other crime where a victim’s allegations are met with skepticism, strictly scrutinized, and at times, not taken seriously. Did  Bernie Madoff”s victims have their past scrutinized or their credibility questioned? Yet society demands that women who are victims of sexual assault be saintly virgins with not so much as an outstanding parking ticket.