Coffee and Donuts – DSK, Casey Anthony, NYPD rape trial

Casey Anthony murder trial verdict leaves prosecutor stunned by jury’s not guilty ruling

It looks like DNA evidence is in and circumstantial evidence is out. Well DNA has been in for quite sometime now. I fear that it has now become the sole barometer of guilt or innocence in criminal trials.  No DNA evidence, no conviction. I see the day coming when the District Attorneys Office will determine whether or not to prosecute a case on the availability of DNA evidence. Who bears responsibility for this prevailing belief? Do we blame science or television?

Dominique Strauss Kahn faces further claim of sexual assault

Maybe the victim in the DSK assault case has given newfound courage to other women who may have been victims of DSK. It seems that Tristane Banon could have been another victim of the “great seducer” had it not been for a well placed kick to a part of his anatomy – the part that he enjoys forcing into the mouths of women. Let’s see if the French press portrays  Tristane Banon as narcotrafficker, money laundering, money grubbing, lying crack ho.

French See Case Against Strauss-Kahn as American Folly
Who really cares about how the French feel about how the DSK case has been handled? It apears that we have reawakened a dormant anti american feeling in France. If the French really feel that strongly about it, maybe they should just boycott visiting the U.S. We in turn could do the same. Let’s see who cries uncle first. This coming from a country where men treat women as “boy toys,” where women endure sexual harassment because it’s considered part of their culture. Tristane Banon, the latest DSK accuser saids it best, “I didn’t want to be known to the end of my days as the girl who had a problem with the politician.”

Documentary footage sinks rape-case probe; accused cops seek mistrial

The only hope for a small sliver of justice for the Gap executive who accused two former New York City Police Officers of rape (they were subsequently acquitted, but convicted of official misconduct) may be lost. It appears that Lisa Friel, who at one time headed the Sex Crimes unit, might have had a touch of celebrity fever. The desire for fame, fortune and her own reality show may be cause for a Judge to declare a mistrial on the official misconduct conviction. I have a great idea for the name of her new show: “Law and Morons”.

3 responses to “Coffee and Donuts – DSK, Casey Anthony, NYPD rape trial

  1. Eddie, to say the least I am shocked and dismayed at your insensitive and ill advised comments, and being civil will leave it with just that comment. What exactly does it mean to be a ‘boy toy’, and how exactly do the French treat such women like that? Your quote – (“This coming from a country where men treat women as “boy toys,”)
    There are definitely problems with the way women are treated in France, just as they are in the USA and the rest of the world – unfortunately! To make such broad and blanketed statements is not good.

    I find it hard to believe you give a pass to the media circus in the USA on the DSK issue and other issues. That column you posted and referred to from the Daily News is the lowest form of unprofessional journalism. At least this time you had the sense to post the NYTimes. That article written by Joanna Molloy makes four inappropriate and highly unprofessional comments in a very short article. Too bad she didn’t spend more time on the real facts, rather than applause lines. Read the article from MSNBC, it is real reporting from professionals.

    It may seem that you like and want to have the same type of sensationalism in your blog. I prefer to have real facts, with discussion and debates on the merits. The great thing about the USA and France is that we are all able to express our views and find our audiences, just like FoX, MSNBC and Nadal’s Blog.

    Hope all is good – Be Safe!

    • Well of course I disagree with you on several of your points here. While the Daily News article was clearly tongue in cheek, the point it was making is one that I agree with: that you can’t pick your victims and that just because she may have a checkered past, that doesn’t mean her accusations are false.  And dismissing her accusations solely on the basis of other things she may or may not have done in the past sends a terrible message to victims of sexual assault that they shouldn’t even bother reporting their assaults if they have anything shady in their past.

      As for the part about France, everything I have read and seen indicates that the US takes both sexual assault and sexual harassment much, much more seriously than France does, that sexual harassment is considered par for the course at work and women are expected to simply put up with it because “that’s just the way it is.” I also see that France does not have the same legal protections in regards to sexual harassment, and that companies cannot be held liable (and therefore have no incentive to stop harassment from occurring). Of course the US isn’t perfect either (the Mata/Moreno trial case in point), but it certainly seems to have made a lot more progress than France in this regard. The fact that French opinion seems to be that it’s absurd to believe some lowly black immigrant maid over DSK about the alleged assault doesn’t do much to change my mind about this (and that’s not even getting started in on the French attitudes towards African immigrants).
      At any rate, thanks for your comments – it’s always good to have some debate!


    First of all Eddie, you criticize others for their comments and views, yet so blatantly throw terms and opinions around, ‘boy toy’, ‘French opinion seems to be it’s absurd to believe some lowly black immigrant maid’, but I wonder if Sean Hannity or some Pulitzer from the NY Daily News made remarks about Latino or Puerto Ricans – you would be responding with full vigor. The problem is your cherry pick your points to make your position right, and report facts just like that Daily News article – with a bias and a position that is made up and firm and not available to openness. The world and responsible journalists have taken a very different view on the facts of this case. They are looking for the most important principle, that people are innocent until proven guilty. Something you have not considered at all. In a case where it is one word against another. There is no other evidence (remember he said from the beginning that there was sex).

    This case will never go to trial and if it does, it will be the worst showing of justice ever because that women will be the worst ‘victim’/witness ever. I have said all along let the facts play out and do not rush to judgement. Your negative view of the French makes your opinions have little legitimacy, and does not allow for real debate. It is like talking to Sean or Rush. As all countries and people have problems, the reasonableness of the people in France and Europe far outweigh their shortcomings, especially when you compare them to the USA. The USA does more good for the other countries of the world, but we are not perfect and there is much bad. This is the most violent civilized country, maybe in history, and the poor disgraceful race relations in this country does not exist in many other parts of the world. The thing I do not miss is the hate that has taken over in the American daily life.

    It is against the law in France to show a picture of a person in handcuffs until they are convicted of a crime/offense. That is one of the things that France and Europe cannot understand that in the USA, you are considered guilty until you prove yourself innocent – and I believe that even you will honestly say that is exactly the way our system has become – ‘you can indict a ham sand which’, our judges and prosecutors are elected – ‘which way should this case go – well which way are the political winds blowing or how will the public like this decision’. I do not remember the exact case, but I do remember the words that a man that was acquitted (after the jury said it was absolutely ridiculous that charges were even brought and the judge said so himself) said, (‘now who do I see about getting my reputation back’). It is the great pitfall of our system. I do believe something did happen between them, but I believe it was consensual, and there should have been a more thorough investigation before an arrest. No, we do not pick the victims, but we are able to do a thorough job and make sure that we take the criminal justice system serious. As I taught one of the most serious things you may ever do it to put handcuffs on someone because it changes things forever. Making sure you are right and are acting in good faith is important, and you must be professional. Have you read other facts about this case that have come forward? I mean real reporting, not sensational headlines and insults looking to sell papers and feed an anti-French bias appetite. Come live in France and Europe and get away from the patriotic bs and god is great and loves the USA more than another country attitude. See that there is a world with many different views and more open attitudes, although not perfect, beyond the shores of the USA.

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