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Coffee and Donuts: DSK, Mata and Moreno

To my loyal and eager followers, I apologize for being MIA for the last few days (God I am full of shit). Anyway, I was in New York for a few days, in a little town called Crompond, settling into our summer getaway and trying to work on my book. I also enjoyed spending time with my friend of over forty years and his wonderful family. The owner of the house we’re staying in is an antique collector who’s a bit of an eccentric. She has a 6-foot tall wooden storefront Indian in the middle of the living room. It gives me the creeps and scares the shit out of me every time it catches the corner of my eye. What’s worse is that it’s situated right behind the sofa. So when I’m sitting and writing or watching T.V., I have my back to it. Really creepy. I’ll have to move it or at least cover it with a blanket. And now for Coffee and Donuts, which cops enjoy at any time of the day.

Mata and Moreno’s Previous Late-Night Incident

Interesting article in the Village Voice. It seems that the two disgraced former cops may have had a bit of an attitude problem with those of the opposite sex. I wouldn’t be surprised to read more like this about the exploits of these two shitheads. Maybe it’s a Napoleonic complex, or it could be that they have really, really small dicks. When are they going to be sentenced anyway?
A Vigorous Prosecution of Strauss-Kahn Is Urged

One of the few articles that I have read on the DSK that makes sense and echoes my sentiments. Mr. Perkins wrote:
“To preserve the principle of due process, the decision to bring charges should be decided on its merits, not the character of the victim or the victimizer. If anything less than due process is delivered in this case, then justice will have been unduly denied.”

I thought that the purpose of a criminal trial was to determine guilt or innocence, not about winning and losing, which seems to be what Mr. Vance is concerned with. Let the jury decide.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s feature. I’m trying to decide if I should do a follow-up on getting pulled over (the things not to do if you are), or should I answer one of the questions that was forwarded to me, “Do all cops cheat on their wives”? I would have to confer with my attorney regarding the liability issues that may arise from my answering this question honestly. I wonder if it was a man or a woman who posed this question. I think I’ll have another donut.