Daily Archives: September 23, 2011

America, Murder Inc.

At least I know that my blog title isn’t the most offensive or insensitive commentary on this Troy Davis story. That infamous honor goes to Ann Coulter. And while we mention her, let us not forget about the ‘closeted’ Ann Coulters of the world. They are just as responsible for the murder of Troy Davis, with their blood thirst for revenge and vengeance which they clothed under the guise of justice, as those which had the power to save his life, but failed to act.  America was once again on the national and world stage, as it always seems to be. The performers for the most recent show were the late Mr. Troy Davis and every single agency, office and court of law in our country which failed to act on his behalf, and which horribly failed to do the right thing. 

As a young cop, I was a strong advocate of the death penalty, so much so that I would have been willing to be the judge, jury, and executioner of men like Troy Davis. That was back when the only colors that I saw were black and white. Or at least I let myself  believe that it was that simple. As I became more exposed to the brutalities and realities of life, I began to see the shades of grey that were not visible to my closed eyes.  As I became more aware of the greys, I began to see how inherently wrong it was to take another’s life in the name of justice, especially when that justice we so vehemently seek and believe in can be so easily corrupted.

I don’t know if the state of Georgia executed an innocent or guilty man for the murder of Police Officer Mark McPhail. The travesties  of this story for me will always be the needless deaths of two men and the lingering doubt that will haunt will us forever.  I wonder if the rest of the world thinks less of us today for killing a man in the name of justice even though enough substantial doubt existed that commuting his sentence to life in prison would have justified doing “the right thing”.

If there is anything that the headline cases (DSK, Casey Anthony, NYPD Cops Mata and Moreno) of the past several months have shown us or taught is that “Liberty and Justice for all” does not always prevail.