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Where was the Blue Wall of Silence?

Rape Accuser Speaks Out

I promise that this will me my last word(s) about this case. Well, maybe not. I thought that I was done with it, but while reading this article I was overcome with a sense of sadness. Sadness for that poor young woman who was not only victimized by the scum who was supposed to protect her, but also victimized by the system that was supposed to give her justice. With all that she has had to endure, she still found it in her heart to thank to the citizens of New York, and the country who ” spoke up in my honor.” I understand how our legal system works, and I respect the jury’s decision. I don’t like it or agree with it but I respect it.

I found it odd that there was not a great show of support from the men and women in blue for Moreno and Mata during this trial, especially at critical times as when Moreno testified or when the victim testified. Could it be that there was some truth in my prior posting about men in power and abuse of authority, that some of his coworkers may have been aware of his prior abuses of authority and his questionable character yet said nothing? That also made me sad. 

There has been much written about the police and their ‘Blue Wall of Silence’. I won’t get into that now other than to wonder if that lack of support for Moreno and Mata was their way of breaking that ‘Blue Wall of Silence.’ Maybe it was, but it wasn’t loud enough.