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Coffee and Donuts – DSK, Casey Anthony, NYPD rape trial

Casey Anthony murder trial verdict leaves prosecutor stunned by jury’s not guilty ruling

It looks like DNA evidence is in and circumstantial evidence is out. Well DNA has been in for quite sometime now. I fear that it has now become the sole barometer of guilt or innocence in criminal trials.  No DNA evidence, no conviction. I see the day coming when the District Attorneys Office will determine whether or not to prosecute a case on the availability of DNA evidence. Who bears responsibility for this prevailing belief? Do we blame science or television?

Dominique Strauss Kahn faces further claim of sexual assault

Maybe the victim in the DSK assault case has given newfound courage to other women who may have been victims of DSK. It seems that Tristane Banon could have been another victim of the “great seducer” had it not been for a well placed kick to a part of his anatomy – the part that he enjoys forcing into the mouths of women. Let’s see if the French press portrays  Tristane Banon as narcotrafficker, money laundering, money grubbing, lying crack ho.

French See Case Against Strauss-Kahn as American Folly
Who really cares about how the French feel about how the DSK case has been handled? It apears that we have reawakened a dormant anti american feeling in France. If the French really feel that strongly about it, maybe they should just boycott visiting the U.S. We in turn could do the same. Let’s see who cries uncle first. This coming from a country where men treat women as “boy toys,” where women endure sexual harassment because it’s considered part of their culture. Tristane Banon, the latest DSK accuser saids it best, “I didn’t want to be known to the end of my days as the girl who had a problem with the politician.”

Documentary footage sinks rape-case probe; accused cops seek mistrial

The only hope for a small sliver of justice for the Gap executive who accused two former New York City Police Officers of rape (they were subsequently acquitted, but convicted of official misconduct) may be lost. It appears that Lisa Friel, who at one time headed the Sex Crimes unit, might have had a touch of celebrity fever. The desire for fame, fortune and her own reality show may be cause for a Judge to declare a mistrial on the official misconduct conviction. I have a great idea for the name of her new show: “Law and Morons”.