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Stand By Your Man

Moreno’s Wife Goes on Tirade Against Rape Accuser

It’s one thing to do as Tammy Wynette suggests in the title of her famous country western hit “Stand by your Man”, and it’s another to be in total denial.  Even if this is not the case, I find it hard to believe that Julia Moreno’s first words upon hearing her husband’s testimony about how he didn’t have sex with the woman who accused him and his partner of rape, but that he snuggled and spooned her while singing her a Bon Jovi song as she wore nothing but a bra was to call her a money hungry liar instead of “say WHAT??”

Her obvious anger is misdirected in this case, and attacking a woman who has now been victimized twice is unwarranted. Even if she truly believes that nothing happened in that apartment that night, what wife would be okay with their husband comforting a mostly-naked woman and singing her love songs?

As far as her other comment, “I know him. He’s the guy on the force that they call to take home partners’ girlfriends when they’re too drunk. He’s trusted by everyone. He’s been on the force 18 years without ever having any incident with women,” well…all I have to say to these partners is that if any of your girlfriends became pregnant shortly after being driven home by Moreno, it may be time for a paternity test. And I disagree with her logic that since he hasn’t had any incidents with women in his 18 year career, he must be innocent. He just never got caught.

Julia Moreno, I commend your loyalty. Continue to stand by your man. Just don’t let him stand behind you – or anywhere that you can’t see what he’s doing.