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Who does Rick Santorum think he is?

Rick Santorum Says John McCain Doesn’t Understand How Torture Works

I didn’t even have to read this article to become enraged. All I did was read the headline, and I immediately uttered a slew of obscenities at Rick Santorum. I cursed him out as only a drunk sailor or a pissed off ex-cop can. Rick “wannabe someone” Santorum was about 9 years old when John McCain’s plane was shot down over Hanoi. He spent the next 5 1/2 years as a Prisoner Of War in North Vietnam.

I can only imagine what kind of torture Sen. McCain had to endure during his time in captivity. I am certain that Wannabe Rick is not capable of that – if he was, he certainly would have not made the stupid, insulting comments that he did. Sen. McCain has come out as one of the biggest critics of the US using torture, including waterboarding, and if anyone should know, it’s him. He has said what Wannabe Rick missed: that torture no matter what you name it is wrong.

Rick Santorum reminds me of all the Monday morning quarterbacks and the idiots that come out of the woodwork, becoming experts in police tactics and the deadly use of physical force every time there’s a questionable police shooting. They’re people who have no idea what they speak of but are quick to question and condemn the actions of those that do what they don’t have the balls to do. Do people have a right to question? Of course they do. To criticize and condemn what they know little of? No.

I am not a fan of the politics of Senator McCain. But I am a fan of his loyal service and the sacrifices that he and his family have endured for our country. Wannabe Rick states that Senator McCain does not understand how ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ work. Unlike you Rick, McCain not only talked the talk, he walked the walk.

God Bless America and the John McCains it has made.