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Coffee and Donuts: DSK, Mata and Moreno

To my loyal and eager followers, I apologize for being MIA for the last few days (God I am full of shit). Anyway, I was in New York for a few days, in a little town called Crompond, settling into our summer getaway and trying to work on my book. I also enjoyed spending time with my friend of over forty years and his wonderful family. The owner of the house we’re staying in is an antique collector who’s a bit of an eccentric. She has a 6-foot tall wooden storefront Indian in the middle of the living room. It gives me the creeps and scares the shit out of me every time it catches the corner of my eye. What’s worse is that it’s situated right behind the sofa. So when I’m sitting and writing or watching T.V., I have my back to it. Really creepy. I’ll have to move it or at least cover it with a blanket. And now for Coffee and Donuts, which cops enjoy at any time of the day.

Mata and Moreno’s Previous Late-Night Incident

Interesting article in the Village Voice. It seems that the two disgraced former cops may have had a bit of an attitude problem with those of the opposite sex. I wouldn’t be surprised to read more like this about the exploits of these two shitheads. Maybe it’s a Napoleonic complex, or it could be that they have really, really small dicks. When are they going to be sentenced anyway?
A Vigorous Prosecution of Strauss-Kahn Is Urged

One of the few articles that I have read on the DSK that makes sense and echoes my sentiments. Mr. Perkins wrote:
“To preserve the principle of due process, the decision to bring charges should be decided on its merits, not the character of the victim or the victimizer. If anything less than due process is delivered in this case, then justice will have been unduly denied.”

I thought that the purpose of a criminal trial was to determine guilt or innocence, not about winning and losing, which seems to be what Mr. Vance is concerned with. Let the jury decide.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s feature. I’m trying to decide if I should do a follow-up on getting pulled over (the things not to do if you are), or should I answer one of the questions that was forwarded to me, “Do all cops cheat on their wives”? I would have to confer with my attorney regarding the liability issues that may arise from my answering this question honestly. I wonder if it was a man or a woman who posed this question. I think I’ll have another donut.

Where was the Blue Wall of Silence?

Rape Accuser Speaks Out

I promise that this will me my last word(s) about this case. Well, maybe not. I thought that I was done with it, but while reading this article I was overcome with a sense of sadness. Sadness for that poor young woman who was not only victimized by the scum who was supposed to protect her, but also victimized by the system that was supposed to give her justice. With all that she has had to endure, she still found it in her heart to thank to the citizens of New York, and the country who ” spoke up in my honor.” I understand how our legal system works, and I respect the jury’s decision. I don’t like it or agree with it but I respect it.

I found it odd that there was not a great show of support from the men and women in blue for Moreno and Mata during this trial, especially at critical times as when Moreno testified or when the victim testified. Could it be that there was some truth in my prior posting about men in power and abuse of authority, that some of his coworkers may have been aware of his prior abuses of authority and his questionable character yet said nothing? That also made me sad. 

There has been much written about the police and their ‘Blue Wall of Silence’. I won’t get into that now other than to wonder if that lack of support for Moreno and Mata was their way of breaking that ‘Blue Wall of Silence.’ Maybe it was, but it wasn’t loud enough.

Stand By Your Man

Moreno’s Wife Goes on Tirade Against Rape Accuser

It’s one thing to do as Tammy Wynette suggests in the title of her famous country western hit “Stand by your Man”, and it’s another to be in total denial.  Even if this is not the case, I find it hard to believe that Julia Moreno’s first words upon hearing her husband’s testimony about how he didn’t have sex with the woman who accused him and his partner of rape, but that he snuggled and spooned her while singing her a Bon Jovi song as she wore nothing but a bra was to call her a money hungry liar instead of “say WHAT??”

Her obvious anger is misdirected in this case, and attacking a woman who has now been victimized twice is unwarranted. Even if she truly believes that nothing happened in that apartment that night, what wife would be okay with their husband comforting a mostly-naked woman and singing her love songs?

As far as her other comment, “I know him. He’s the guy on the force that they call to take home partners’ girlfriends when they’re too drunk. He’s trusted by everyone. He’s been on the force 18 years without ever having any incident with women,” well…all I have to say to these partners is that if any of your girlfriends became pregnant shortly after being driven home by Moreno, it may be time for a paternity test. And I disagree with her logic that since he hasn’t had any incidents with women in his 18 year career, he must be innocent. He just never got caught.

Julia Moreno, I commend your loyalty. Continue to stand by your man. Just don’t let him stand behind you – or anywhere that you can’t see what he’s doing.

Hooray for the cops

NYPD Officers Moreno and Mata Acquitted of Rape

Officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata were acquitted today by a Manhattan jury of raping an intoxicated woman they were supposed to be helping. Hooray for Mata and Moreno. Tough luck for all the other cops in the NYPD and police departments throughout our country. Another nail in the already stained and tarnished coffin of police officers. I will no longer refer to these two as police officers or cops – in fact, they aren’t anymore. Commissioner Kelly’s justice was swift, and they were fired just hours after being acquitted. But I didn’t have to wait for Kelly to drop the hammer on them to stop referring to them by the title that they certainly do not deserve. I lost all respect for them a long time ago.

Just use that wonderful device you’re reading my blog with and peruse the newspapers of major cities from coast to coast. You won’t have a problem locating stories of police corruption and misconduct. That in itself is troubling, but read the comments that are left by the readers. The anti police sentiment is even more troubling. It seemed that after September 11th police in New York and across the country were held in high esteem. It took a tragic event such as that for people to realize the courage and commitment of those who take an oath to serve and protect them. Disgraced individuals such as Moreno and Mata and others who violate their oaths and the public trust are slowly eroding whatever esteem the public still has for cops. There will always be those who dislike cops no matter what. Whether this dislike is justified or not and the reasons for it – that’s a topic for another blog piece. But what these unworthy few have done is ruin the reputation of the police among not just the usual haters, but the general public.

Whether you agree or disagree on whether Moreno and Mata raped that young woman is a moot point. The jury has decided and the verdict is in. I believe, like most people who have been following this story, that there was sex in that apartment that night between Moreno and the victim. I base that on the content of his testimony, the victim’s testimony, and the audio recording of Moreno stating that he wore a condom. Moreno and Mata took advantage of the situation they were in, took advantage of someone who they were supposed to protect that night. And in the process, they have disgraced the uniform and badge of every single police officer who dedicates his or her life to public service. They have disgraced the police officers whose names are etched in marble at that memorial in our nation’s capital dedicated to those police officers throughout our country who have made the supreme sacrifice while serving others. Moreno and Mata have chipped away another little piece of the already fragile veneer of respect and trust that must exist between the police and those that they serve. And as they did so, they made the jobs of the good cops that much harder.