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Law & Order: BS

In the criminal justice system, television shows that ignore their technical advisors are considered especially heinous…

Here are my notes from watching tonight’s Law & Order SVU:

Before it’s even started: “…an elite squad” my ass. Nobody voluntarily went there. You got drafted there or it was to fulfill a contract – you did your time there, then they took care of you and you got to go where you really wanted to go. It also has one of the highest, if not the highest attrition rates of any squad, for obvious reasons. Nobody wants to deal with those kinds of cases day in and day out.

OK first scene, the women walking down the street. Here’s the problem with people, a prime example of sheep. This guy was walking behind them for several seconds and they didn’t even notice him.

Second of all, don’t ever fight with someone who’s trying to rob you, don’t try to be a tough guy, don’t ever do anything to agitate them.

Third, Special Victims does not investigate homicides. They just don’t. They only investigate sex crimes. If there was a sex crimes angle to a case, they might assist, but that’s it. They don’t interview people, they don’t chase suspects, they don’t do any of that in homicide cases.

Who has that CNN big screen visual shit? I’ve never seen that in any squad room I’ve been in.

Highest quality surveillance cameras ever, too, with super high resolution. Never seen that either.

I like the way they conduct these interviews. They have incredible memories because they never write anything down when they conduct these witness interviews, so later when they transcribe it all to a DD-5, they do it all from memory. A defense attorney would rip them a new one when they had no notes from their interviews.

Now they’re arresting the guy and reading him his rights in front of everybody at the hair salon. I have never, in all my years as a detective, read someone his rights at the moment I arrested him. Never. Miranda is required when you have two elements: custody and interrogation. If you just have custody and you haven’t begun to interrogate, you don’t need to read him his rights. Once you are ready to interrogate, you are required to give Miranda, but not before then. I can arrest you, I can hold you for 20 hours in my squad room, and if I’m not ready to question you, I don’t have to give you Miranda because I’m not asking you anything. You can start confessing in that time, I don’t have to give you Miranda. You can implicate yourself, I don’t have to give you Miranda. I can say “uh huh” and let you keep talking, but as long as I don’t ask a question, I don’t have to read you your rights. Now, the moment I ask you a question, I have to give you Miranda.

So why am I going to read someone his rights when I don’t have to? What if he decides to spontaneously confess on the way in the car? Why am I going to discourage that?

How did he get these ballistics so quickly and get all these photos uploaded? Nothing happens that fast.

So now he’s part of this sting operation with the feds? That would never happen, never. They would never bring in an outsider unless they had been involved since the beginning, like with narcotics. They’re letting him participate just to keep an eye on this guy. No way.

They make it seem so simple like you can just step into an undercover role like that, and it’s not. It takes time. You have to have a lot of experience to be able to do it, especially for something that high-level. And these guys would never just meet with some random guy brought to them by some low level connection, give him some pussy patdown, and bring him to the location where you have all that product. First of all, they’d never meet him there, they’d meet him somewhere else. Then, they would have probably made him strip down completely, searched him all over for a wire or something.
There’s two thing that these guys are afraid of, whether it’s drugs or some other smuggled goods, and that’s the cops and ripoffs. They don’t want some other guys coming in and stealing all their product.

That is a pretty realistic portrayal of feds though. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Here we go, the guy just happens to be there exactly when the cops show up. If cops were only that lucky all the time, man…

An ADA cannot just offer a deal to someone without a defense lawyer present. Not only are they not supposed to, they actually can’t do it.

OK they would never just walk into an agency like that to arrest someone. There’s protocol – you talk to a supervisor, etc. You don’t just barge in and arrest someone. And no ATF agent would be talking to the cops without a lawyer present.

Now they’re talking to a potential witness within earshot of the suspects? Never ever.

Then, these trained and elite detectives didn’t notice that this girl’s behavior was peculiar when she came up there? It was obvious something was up.

You never would allow the family member of a victim to come upstairs in a squad and look at perpetrators who had been arrested in connection with the rape and murder of her mom. And there’s no squad room that I know of with the cell right in the middle of the floor completely open like that.

Final thought: I wouldn’t have shot the girl. I would have let her plug the scumbag, then tackled her. But that’s just me.