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Americans losing their jobs to illegal immigrants again

Robbery suspects attacked by victim’s family, friends in Fayetteville

Here is a prime example of illegal immigrants once again taking away jobs from Americans – in this case, cops. Where were the police anyway? I’m surprised that the union representative of the Fayetteville Police is not screaming about the government’s failure to secure our borders and as a result, illegals are now doing the job of cops. Notice how there’s not one mention of these individuals’ immigration status in this story. Could it be that all 10 to 14 individuals involved were in the US legally, or could it be that it really doesn’t matter?

And how come no one had a video camera or a phone with a camera to record this justified ‘ass whupping’? If someone did, it would have been posted on You Tube and gone viral in minute, followed by comments of praise like “chalk one up for the good guys”. Now if a cop had responded and disarmed the mutt and was in the process of also inflicting a justified ‘ass whupping’ in the course of making a collar, there certainly would have been video or at least a photo at the exact moment the cop cracked the mutt across his head with his night stick. This time the headline would have read something like “Cop caught using excessive force”.

I hope you all have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend. Don’t forget to take a moment to thank all those who are currently serving in our Armed Forces, those who have served, and those whose loved ones have given their lives in service to our great country.