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Don’t bash the ‘stache

My wife suggested that I answer questions that some readers may have about cops and police work. I agreed and she has been soliciting questions from her friends for me. As a result of the response she’s gotten, I decided to incorporate a ‘Question of the Day’ feature on my blog. But I really don’t want to answer a question every day, and I’m full of shit if I think I’m going to have something thought provocative to write about every day. As I’ve stated before, this writing business is not easy. So, here’s the first entry in the ‘Question of the day cause I ain’t got shit to write about’ series. Maybe someone can come up with an acronym for me for the title of this feature.

This is the actual question. It’s really three questions in one but WTF:

Does he have a mustache? WTF is up with cops and mustaches?? Is that a requirement or something?

Does who have a mustache? My wife clarified that the reader is referring to me. I currently don’t sport a mustache but at one time I did. I shaved it off when people told me that it made me look like a Puerto Rican (which by the way I am). As far as I know, mustaches are not required accessories for cops. Most Police Departments do have guidelines in regards to personal grooming, e.g. the mustache cannot exceed the corners of your mouth. I wish they had guidelines for personal hygiene. I have ridden around in RMPs (Squad Cars) with some stinky cops. Good cops, but stinky nevertheless. As to WTF is up with cops and mustaches, I really don’t know but I’ll make a few guesses. I think some cops believe that it makes them look meaner and tougher, especially the ‘baby faced’ younger cops who are afraid of not being taken seriously cause they look like they’re 15 years old. And for those ‘baby faced’ cops, facial hair grows at a snail’s pace. Other than that I don’t know. Maybe for some cops, mustaches are like makeup for a really ugly woman and they think it hides the ugliness.