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Coffee and Donuts: Trayvon, War on Drugs, Zombies, the gun lobby

Coming to you today from Hot-Lanta and in the words of Jermaine Dupri

Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play
And we ride on them things like every day
Big beats, hit streets, see gangstas roamin’
And parties dont stop til’ eight in the mornin

Those are his words not mine. The days of partying “til eight in the mornin” are over for me due to my age, a 3 year old, a 10 week old, and a beautiful wife who’s a lot younger than I am.

Trayvon Martin Case Spotlights Florida Town’s History Of ‘Sloppy’ Police Work

You know what makes Detectives good at what it is that they do? There are obvious qualities that one must possess, and maybe I’ll go over them in a little bit more detail in a future post. But if I were able to chose a detective to investigate my own homicide, I would pick one that’s been around the block a few times. And not one from a department who handles only one or two homicides a year. The number one factor that has the greatest effect on the quality and success of a homicide investigation is the combined experience of those doing the investigating. Having a prosecutor who doesn’t long to be a detective also helps. The bottom line is that if you’re constantly around people who have been murdered, you will become good at discovering what happened and who did the murdering.

‘War on drugs’ has failed, say Latin American leaders

In the words of Gomer Pyle, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!” Latin American leaders have known for a long time what the US needs to finally admit to: that what we are currently doing in the ‘war on drugs’, and the amount of money we are spending doing it, is not working.

Gun Sales Booming: Doomsday, Obama or Zombies?

Maybe what some people are really afraid of is that secretly President Obama is a Zombie. Not just any Zombie, but a socialist Zombie. He not only wants to eat you, but he wants to share you with his ‘herd’ of flesh eating socialist Zombies. Maybe we can submit a script to a few socialist Hollywood producers. Any suggestions for a title? How about “Obama the Muslim Christian Eater”?

Mayor Bloomberg: Washington needs to stop cowering before the gun lobby

I’m not a fan of Mayor Bloomberg, but I do admire the fact that he takes on Washington and the gun lobby. I know that this is his last term and some may say that he has nothing to lose by taking on the NRA. In all fairness, he has always been an advocate for gun control and has never been afraid to challenge those who are directly responsible for the proliferation of illegal guns on the streets of our cities. Why aren’t more politicians as outspoken as he is on issues of gun control? Is it because he’s a billionaire and does not have to be beholden to the NRA for votes and campaign contributions? Here’s a novel idea. Let’s elevate the salaries of our elected officials in Washington to billionaire status. This way they wouldn’t have to sell their souls, asses, and votes to the lobbyists.

NYPD cops should be treated like heroes, not perps

My brothers in the blue on NYPD were really lucky this past Sunday. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was Easter Sunday and the good Lord decided they were not going to lose their lives on this ‘watch’. I don’t agree totally with what Denis Hamill wrote in his piece. But if we are going to publicly condemn and crucify cops when they do wrong, then we need to publicly acknowledge and praise them when they come so close to losing their lives doing good.

Coffee and Donuts: Gentrified Food Carts, DSK

Last night was the first night that I spent alone in our summer house with the scary Indian. Well I really wasn’t alone the entire night. My friend Thomas and I sat around talking and catching up on life until about 4 in the morning. It had been a very long day and the 3-4 Jim Beams on the rocks went straight to my head. Needless to say, I passed out immediately upon hitting the bed. I wouldn’t have even have known if the Indian had crawled into the bed and cuddled with me.

Outlaws Make Better Lunches

Leave it to New York City to not only gentrify neighborhoods, but now to gentrify food trucks. What in the word is a high-end food truck? Is that where a hot dog and a soda cost you ten bucks? And now you have the cops chasing away all of food carts because the restaurants are complaining. In a city where crime is on the upswing, you would think that the cops would have more serious issues to deal with.

How Can the Asylum System Be Fixed

Only in America can the ‘credibility’ of a Guinean hotel maid have such far reaching ramifications. Not only did she bring DSK, the “great seducer”, one of the most powerful men in the world to his knees with her accusations of rape, (that’s literally and figuratively, if that so called consensual sex that they had was so good that it made made him weak in the legs), it now looks as if she has brought focus onto an asylum system that is in need of repair. That certainly is important in light of recent events. We have to prevent refugees from being granted asylum to the United States through fraudulent means. Next thing you know, they will be accusing rich and powerful men of committing all types of crimes.

I have just one question for you. If DSK and the now infamous maid did in fact have consensual sex, then why did he resign as the head of the IMF and sabotage his chances for the French presidency. He is known as the “great seducer”, isn’t he? And it seems that the French were okay with this, weren’t they? So okay with it that he was just about a shoo-in for the presidency? So why the resignation if all he did was have consensual sex with a hotel maid? I have a theory that is within my axiom of “if it looks and smells like shit, then it probably is shit.”

To my French comrades, and those that wish they were French, Au Revoir!

France’s Bruni Confirms Pregnancy

When France’s First Lady was questioned as to why she has been so secretive about her pregnancy, she stated, “First in order to protect myself, to avoid having to expose my personal life. It’s a great joy for me, but one that is fairly banal after all.”

I think that the real reason for all of the secrecy is that they were awaiting DNA results – the DNA results that eliminated DSK as the father. I’m only kidding…or am I?

Where was the Blue Wall of Silence?

Rape Accuser Speaks Out

I promise that this will me my last word(s) about this case. Well, maybe not. I thought that I was done with it, but while reading this article I was overcome with a sense of sadness. Sadness for that poor young woman who was not only victimized by the scum who was supposed to protect her, but also victimized by the system that was supposed to give her justice. With all that she has had to endure, she still found it in her heart to thank to the citizens of New York, and the country who ” spoke up in my honor.” I understand how our legal system works, and I respect the jury’s decision. I don’t like it or agree with it but I respect it.

I found it odd that there was not a great show of support from the men and women in blue for Moreno and Mata during this trial, especially at critical times as when Moreno testified or when the victim testified. Could it be that there was some truth in my prior posting about men in power and abuse of authority, that some of his coworkers may have been aware of his prior abuses of authority and his questionable character yet said nothing? That also made me sad. 

There has been much written about the police and their ‘Blue Wall of Silence’. I won’t get into that now other than to wonder if that lack of support for Moreno and Mata was their way of breaking that ‘Blue Wall of Silence.’ Maybe it was, but it wasn’t loud enough.

Stand By Your Man

Moreno’s Wife Goes on Tirade Against Rape Accuser

It’s one thing to do as Tammy Wynette suggests in the title of her famous country western hit “Stand by your Man”, and it’s another to be in total denial.  Even if this is not the case, I find it hard to believe that Julia Moreno’s first words upon hearing her husband’s testimony about how he didn’t have sex with the woman who accused him and his partner of rape, but that he snuggled and spooned her while singing her a Bon Jovi song as she wore nothing but a bra was to call her a money hungry liar instead of “say WHAT??”

Her obvious anger is misdirected in this case, and attacking a woman who has now been victimized twice is unwarranted. Even if she truly believes that nothing happened in that apartment that night, what wife would be okay with their husband comforting a mostly-naked woman and singing her love songs?

As far as her other comment, “I know him. He’s the guy on the force that they call to take home partners’ girlfriends when they’re too drunk. He’s trusted by everyone. He’s been on the force 18 years without ever having any incident with women,” well…all I have to say to these partners is that if any of your girlfriends became pregnant shortly after being driven home by Moreno, it may be time for a paternity test. And I disagree with her logic that since he hasn’t had any incidents with women in his 18 year career, he must be innocent. He just never got caught.

Julia Moreno, I commend your loyalty. Continue to stand by your man. Just don’t let him stand behind you – or anywhere that you can’t see what he’s doing.

Hooray for the cops

NYPD Officers Moreno and Mata Acquitted of Rape

Officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata were acquitted today by a Manhattan jury of raping an intoxicated woman they were supposed to be helping. Hooray for Mata and Moreno. Tough luck for all the other cops in the NYPD and police departments throughout our country. Another nail in the already stained and tarnished coffin of police officers. I will no longer refer to these two as police officers or cops – in fact, they aren’t anymore. Commissioner Kelly’s justice was swift, and they were fired just hours after being acquitted. But I didn’t have to wait for Kelly to drop the hammer on them to stop referring to them by the title that they certainly do not deserve. I lost all respect for them a long time ago.

Just use that wonderful device you’re reading my blog with and peruse the newspapers of major cities from coast to coast. You won’t have a problem locating stories of police corruption and misconduct. That in itself is troubling, but read the comments that are left by the readers. The anti police sentiment is even more troubling. It seemed that after September 11th police in New York and across the country were held in high esteem. It took a tragic event such as that for people to realize the courage and commitment of those who take an oath to serve and protect them. Disgraced individuals such as Moreno and Mata and others who violate their oaths and the public trust are slowly eroding whatever esteem the public still has for cops. There will always be those who dislike cops no matter what. Whether this dislike is justified or not and the reasons for it – that’s a topic for another blog piece. But what these unworthy few have done is ruin the reputation of the police among not just the usual haters, but the general public.

Whether you agree or disagree on whether Moreno and Mata raped that young woman is a moot point. The jury has decided and the verdict is in. I believe, like most people who have been following this story, that there was sex in that apartment that night between Moreno and the victim. I base that on the content of his testimony, the victim’s testimony, and the audio recording of Moreno stating that he wore a condom. Moreno and Mata took advantage of the situation they were in, took advantage of someone who they were supposed to protect that night. And in the process, they have disgraced the uniform and badge of every single police officer who dedicates his or her life to public service. They have disgraced the police officers whose names are etched in marble at that memorial in our nation’s capital dedicated to those police officers throughout our country who have made the supreme sacrifice while serving others. Moreno and Mata have chipped away another little piece of the already fragile veneer of respect and trust that must exist between the police and those that they serve. And as they did so, they made the jobs of the good cops that much harder.

The verdict can wait…I’ve got to catch a flight

As of this posting on Friday afternoon, it seems that the jury deciding the fate of the cops charged with raping the fashion executive in New York has not yet reached a verdict. Old school logic would say that this does not fare well for the prosecution.  Or it could be that they decided quickly on the top charges of rape and burglary and have been muddling through the lesser charges. Whatever the reason, it appears that the judge in the case has granted the jury’s request to to be released early so that a juror could catch a flight.

I guess that the fates of the accused and the victim can be put on hold on for a weekend trip. After all, it’s only people’s lives. I remember a Judge in Queens Criminal Court whose court I testified in on numerous occasions. He had a bit of a temper and wasn’t afraid to say exactly what was on his mind. His reply to this latest request would have been something to the effect of “are you fucking kidding me?” No kidding.

Men in power and abuse of authority

Why do men in power believe that they can do whatever it is that they wish? And that belief seems especially strong when it comes to women and sex. It seems that the head of the IMF, Strauss-Kahn was unable to control his sexual desires when the maid at the Sofitel hotel walked into his suite to clean it, believing that it was empty (a $3,000 a night suite, by the way, that I’m sure he was not paying for). It comes to light after this incident that Strauss-Kahn was a bit of a ladies man, earning him the title of  “the great seducer”. Now that another women has come forward, that title may need to be changed to just “the rapist.” It makes you wonder how may other times he has done, or has attempted to do this, without being caught or exposed.  And what are the headlines that we get:
Strauss-Kahn’s Arrest A ‘Disaster’ For IMF, Casts Doubt On Greece, Recovery
A disaster for the IMF. What about the victim or victims? Is it not a disaster for them? Well, it’s just a maid, and we are talking about the IMF, after all.
When I was a cop, I remember being told by the mutts that we arrested that it was their first time, especially in narcotics cases. Most of the time you knew that they were full of shit. As an undercover, you could always tell the ones who were experienced in dealing drugs and those who were not. I wonder if the “great seducer” will claim the same, or that the maid came onto him.
Which reminds me of a similar case where two of New York’s Finest  are currently on trial for the rape of a young woman. It seems that Police Officer Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata have a skewed perception of what it means to “protect and serve”. They decided to get “served’ by one of those they were sworn to protect. Now before everyone jumps down my throat about not giving these cops the benefit of the doubt, or that innocent until proven guilty applies to cops too, chew on this: if we were sitting around the station house having our morning cup of coffee and discussing this case, you know exactly what would be said about Moreno’s testimony. Comments ranging from he’s full of shit, he’s got to be kidding, what a stupid mother, I got a bridge to sell you, etc. You know what I mean, and you know I am right.
The sad part of all this – and I hope that I am wrong – is that this was probably not the first time Moreno was involved in a situation like this. That’s one of the other things we would be saying over coffee while we discussed the case. And what’s sadder is that other cops may have known about Moreno’s prior crimes and abuses of authority. I wish that I was wrong about this but I don’t think I am. As an old timer told me once while investigating my first homicide, “if it looks like shit and smells like shit, it probably is shit.” 
A true ‘disaster’  for the reputation of the NYPD and for all the other police departments across the country. A ‘disaster’ whether or not the jury convicts Moreno and Mata. And a true ‘disaster’ for that young woman who thought that the cops were supposed to be the good guys.