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Coffee & Donuts: Norway, DSK, Ft. Hood, bikinis

Justice? Vengeance? You Need Both

Should the purpose of a criminal justice system be to mete out justice or vengeance? Whatever your opinion may be, I wish that we lived in a country, as morbid as it may sound, that faces the dilemma that now confronts Norway – that horrific crimes like this were so rare that we would have to explore what to do when something so terrible shakes us to the core. Unfortunately, murders are so common here that almost nothing shocks us in this country anymore.

An Accuser Gets Her Day, Though Not in Court

I bet New York City District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. thought he had tap danced himself out of the clusterfuck that everyone thought this case had become. Apparently the victim in this case is standing strong and Mr. Vance is going to be forced to either take her to the dance or stand her up. And although Nafissatou Diallo may never be mistaken for Halle Berry, why would she want to have consensual sex with DSK? I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Soldier Held Amid Claim of Terror Plot at Fort Hood

I’m still waiting for the cop haters to come out on this one – the cop haters who are quick to criticize but painfully absent to praise and give credit. To the Police Officers in Killen Texas: “great collar”. On behalf of the lives you potentially saved, I thank you.

Sandi McMillin allegedly kicked out of Walmart for shopping in string bikini, won’t accept apology

The wearing of a Bikini, like the wearing of spandex, is a privilege, not a right!

Coffee and Donuts – Oslo massacre

To all of you who thought that I may have been slightly exaggerating about the wooden Indian who lives in our summer rental, here is the evidence. An imposing figure, even for a storefront Indian Chief that’s carved out of wood. I have yet to give it a name other than to call it Chief Scares the Crap Out of Me. Naming him may imply that I have a sense of fondness for the Chief, which I certainly don’t.

Norway Shooting and Bomb Attack Leaves 91 Dead

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families of the horrific massacre that occurred in Oslo. One man armed with a machine pistol and a deep rooted fear and hatred of Muslims and multiculturalism decided to make a statement. But not in the normal and civil manner that one would use to express an opinion. Instead, he decided to use the coward’s preferred method of being heard. A gun and a bomb were the mediums that he used to convey his message. Anders Behring Breivik, 32, does not fit the stereotypical image that most of us have of a terrorist, especially after the events of September 11th. He’s not Arab looking, not a Muslim, and does not come from a country where violence is a part of the everyday struggle to survive. He is in fact just the opposite of the image that America and Europe have of what a terrorist should look like. An image, unfortunately, that has become socially acceptable. An image that has been nurtured by the fuels of hatred, fear mongering, and ignorance. We need to start heeding the words of the experts on domestic and foreign terrorism who claim that future acts of terrorism will mirror the tactics used by Anders Behring Brevik. If we learn anything from the cowardly actions of Anders Behring Brevik, it is that one or two individuals who are heavily or adequately armed can unleash a carnage of indiscriminate violence at one of our nation’s busiest airports, malls, or amusement parks. I also hope and pray that we learn from this unfortunate incident to focus on the real causes that perpetuate terrorism, and not the color of the skin of those who perpetrate it.