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Anyone for lunch?

Strauss-Kahn’s Demeanor at Lunch May Play Key Role in His Trial

 It seems that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, or DSK as he has come to be known, had a lunch date with his daughter Camille at a restaurant in Manhattan. Nothing unusual, you may say, other than it was on the same day and approximately one hour after he is alleged to have sexually assaulted the Guinean housekeeper who changes sheets and cleans the toilets of those who can afford to stay at a $3000 a night suite. Men like DSK, who obviously feel that their sexual desires must be satisfied whenever they want and by whomever happens to be available. The type of individuals that are not accustomed to someone saying no to them. I have come across quite a few of these characters in my career as a cop and a detective. I have also worked for a lot of them when I moonlighted as a bodyguard: one in particular who thought that he and his posse of 8 could ride through midtown Manhattan in a stretch limo with the windows and sunroof wide open, smoking pot like cigars. There was so much smoke blowing out that it appeared as if the inside of the limo was on fire. He gave me an incredulous look when I explained to him why that wasn’t such a good idea. 
By the way why is it necessary for the Times to mention the race of the victim?. Does  the color of her skin or her ethnicity matter?  Do Guinean women have a propensity for accusing rich and powerful men like DSK of sexual assault?

It seems that the lawyers representing DSK may try use surveillance video of the restaurant where he and his daughter had lunch in an attempt to establish his demeanor. The logic here is that how could DSK be so cool, calm, and collected just an hour after allegedly having forced his penis into the victim’s mouth. That no one who committed such a heinous act could act as if he had not just an hour earlier been an aggressive sexual predator. The answer is simple: DSK may not only a sexual predator but he also maybe a bit of a sociopath. I truly believe that he thinks that he did no wrong. That in his warped mind he feels that he is entitled to whatever he desires whenever he desires it.
Speak with any detective who has ever conducted an interrogation of someone charged with a committing a despicable and heinous crime. Ask them about the demeanor of the accused. I have interrogated stone cold killers whose demeanor was no different than a Sunday school teacher’s.  And who is going to believe a Guinean maid over the Director of the International Monetary Fund and the leading contender for the French Presidency? The French and their press don’t. They were initially shocked at first that DSK was treated like a common criminal by the New York City Police Department. Considering that he had a reputation as a ladies man and had garnered the moniker “the great seducer”, it wouldn’t surprise me if the French press has been keeping DSK’s other trespasses under wraps.

We shouldn’t wonder why other women have not come forward and pointed the finger at DSK. Society has proven that they have little chance for justice against rich and powerful men such as DSK. What chance do they have as long as it’s common practice to treat them as criminals instead of victims? What chance do they have when men like DSK believe that they are superior to women and above the law, so much so that they are able to sit for 90 minutes and have a nice leisurely lunch an hour after forcing themselves on a woman who makes her living by cleaning toilets? I hope that this Guinean woman gets her justice and that DSK will be sampling the culinary fare at Sing Sing for years to come. Maybe Camille can join him for lunch in the prison mess hall.

Men in power and abuse of authority

Why do men in power believe that they can do whatever it is that they wish? And that belief seems especially strong when it comes to women and sex. It seems that the head of the IMF, Strauss-Kahn was unable to control his sexual desires when the maid at the Sofitel hotel walked into his suite to clean it, believing that it was empty (a $3,000 a night suite, by the way, that I’m sure he was not paying for). It comes to light after this incident that Strauss-Kahn was a bit of a ladies man, earning him the title of  “the great seducer”. Now that another women has come forward, that title may need to be changed to just “the rapist.” It makes you wonder how may other times he has done, or has attempted to do this, without being caught or exposed.  And what are the headlines that we get:
Strauss-Kahn’s Arrest A ‘Disaster’ For IMF, Casts Doubt On Greece, Recovery
A disaster for the IMF. What about the victim or victims? Is it not a disaster for them? Well, it’s just a maid, and we are talking about the IMF, after all.
When I was a cop, I remember being told by the mutts that we arrested that it was their first time, especially in narcotics cases. Most of the time you knew that they were full of shit. As an undercover, you could always tell the ones who were experienced in dealing drugs and those who were not. I wonder if the “great seducer” will claim the same, or that the maid came onto him.
Which reminds me of a similar case where two of New York’s Finest  are currently on trial for the rape of a young woman. It seems that Police Officer Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata have a skewed perception of what it means to “protect and serve”. They decided to get “served’ by one of those they were sworn to protect. Now before everyone jumps down my throat about not giving these cops the benefit of the doubt, or that innocent until proven guilty applies to cops too, chew on this: if we were sitting around the station house having our morning cup of coffee and discussing this case, you know exactly what would be said about Moreno’s testimony. Comments ranging from he’s full of shit, he’s got to be kidding, what a stupid mother, I got a bridge to sell you, etc. You know what I mean, and you know I am right.
The sad part of all this – and I hope that I am wrong – is that this was probably not the first time Moreno was involved in a situation like this. That’s one of the other things we would be saying over coffee while we discussed the case. And what’s sadder is that other cops may have known about Moreno’s prior crimes and abuses of authority. I wish that I was wrong about this but I don’t think I am. As an old timer told me once while investigating my first homicide, “if it looks like shit and smells like shit, it probably is shit.” 
A true ‘disaster’  for the reputation of the NYPD and for all the other police departments across the country. A ‘disaster’ whether or not the jury convicts Moreno and Mata. And a true ‘disaster’ for that young woman who thought that the cops were supposed to be the good guys.