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Coffee and Donuts Monday News Roundup

TSA defends decision to make 95-year-old cancer patient remove adult diaper for security screening

There are probably some very good reasons why the majority of TSA agents were stacking shelves in Wal Mart prior to joining the agency. I can think of one reason right off the top of my head: they lack  common sense that the good lord gave them. Janet Napolitano, or ‘Big Sis’ as she’s affectionately known, could do a a few things to help improve the image of the 8 billion dollar a year agency that she runs. She can start off by hiring agents that have a little common sense and who know the meaning of the word discretion. There’s a reason why these buffoons are not allowed to carry guns. Maybe someone can explain to me why any 95 year old woman has to be humiliated in this manner. And how in America can we give former shelf stackers the absolute power to “touch our junk” under the guise of keeping us safe?. Be careful or maybe the next time you, fly a TSA agent maybe ordering you to open wide. And it may not be your mouth that they are referring to.

Ohio woman, Stephanie Robinette, sprayed police with breast milk after fight with husband: cops

I wonder if the state of Ohio is now going to include women’s breast to its penal law list of deadly weapons. Or would that have to be breasts filled with milk. I wonder if those officers were able to contain themselves or did they break out in uncontrollable laughter? I know that I would have. I thought that consuming large of amounts of alcohol was a no-no for women who are breastfeeding. Where’s the video?

Police Cadets Sworn in, Laid Off

Talk about dedication and commitment to civic duty. These cadets deserve to commended for completing their training even though they knew they would be laid off immediately after graduation. How bittersweet. The laying off of cops is never a good idea in my opinion, especially now with the state of our economy.  It’s no wonder that crime in most of our major cities is on the rise.  Why is it that in our society the workers that we rely on so much are the most expendable?

Garry McCarthy, Chicago Top Cop, Calls Gun Laws ‘Government-Sponsored Racism’; Right Responds

What ever happened to the concept of intelligent conversation and debate in our country?. It seems that it’s just a lot easier to label someone as “nutty” if you disagree or don’t like with what they are
saying. If that doesn’t work, then play the “race card”. That’s one that always works regardless of the color of skin of the one who’s playing it. And why is it that ‘men of the cloth’ are accused of being radicals when they fight against the ills that affect their communities?